YOU Make a Difference by Recycling Your Cans

Recycling Cans Enables the Metal to Continue Being Recycled Forever: Always remember to recycle your cans because you can help the aluminum in beverage cans and the steel in food cans continue its life. That beneficial act will deliver significant environmental and economic impacts when you recycle these containers and, because metal recycles forever, enable them to be recycled infinitely in the future.

There is a Right Way to Recycle Your Cans:

  • For both aluminum beverage and steel food cans, remember to put them in the recycling clean and dry.
  • With aluminum beverage cans, do not crush them. A super thin, crushed can is likely to be missorted into the wrong bale and then may not be recycled.
  • With steel food cans, put the lid in the can since it can be recycled and it prevents any potential injuries to recyclers from the lid as they handle and sort the recyclables.

Recycling by Residents of the 10 Deposit States are Especially Significant: The used beverage can bales from deposit redemtpion centers are more valuable and have less contamination than the bales coming from material recovery facitilites in non-deposit states where the beverage cans were separated out form the rest of the single stream recycling.