Past Recycling Initiatives

Great American Can Roundup:
 In the 1980s, CMI started the Great Aluminum Can Roundup, which became the Great American Can Roundup. Through this initiative, 383 million cans were captured and $4.5 million was raised for charity. Schools, Boy Scout and Girl Scout units, and other organizations participated in the Roundup to build community, help the environment and raise money.

Formation of Curbside Value Partnership/The Recycling Partnership: CMI is a member of The Recycling Partnership, which is the leading national non-profit in the United States focused on recycling with more than 1,500 communities supported, more than 230 million recyclables diverted, and more than $90 million in value created as part of its efforts to drive U.S. system solutions toward a circular economy.  The Partnership, which was established in 2015, was formerly the Curbside Value Partnership, founded in 2003 by CMI and other metal organizations, which was focused on helping communities understand the value of the material in their recycling system and how to collect more of those valuable materials. 

Developed Al the Can and Educational Curriculum: CMI developed a beloved mascot for aluminum can recycling named Al the Can. This mascot, along with interactive educational programs for elementary, middle and high school students were used to engage youth so that they understood the importance of aluminum can recycling and became lifelong recyclers. So far, CMI has fulfilled more than 8,000 curriculum requests from teachers who have a combined potential of reaching 240,000 classroom students.