Recycle Cans to Feed The Hungry During National Canned Food Month

Posted: 03 February 2011
Washington While the positive environmental impact of recycling is well known by all, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) and their Great American Can Roundup partner, Food For All, aim to show how recycling can also provide a humanitarian impact this February. During National Canned Food Month, CMI and Food For All are encouraging...

Can Manufacturers Institute Partners With Non-Profit Food For All In Great American Can Roundup

Posted: 15 November 2010
Washington - (November 15, 2010) - The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) is proud to announce non-profit organization Food For All has signed on as a partner for The Great American Can RoundUp.The RoundUp initiative is designed to help organizations recycle cans for cash and raise environmental awareness among participants. The partnership...

On Your Mark - Get Set - Recycle!

Posted: 15 September 2010
Washington - (September 15, 2010) - To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the beverage can this year, the Can Manufacturers Institute is launching "The Great American Can RoundUp" - a recycling initiative to ignite the inner environmentalist in all Americans.

The Washington Post: Celebrating the can: 200 years of history preserved

Posted: 24 August 2010
The march of Western civilization and the prosperity of the United States have partly hinged on the quiet little object behind those boxes of pricey whole-grain rotini pasta on the third shelf of your cupboard. The object is cylindrical and silver and wrapped in a paper label. It is dusty. Its expiration date has passed... Click on the link...

Happy 200th Can-niversary

Posted: 18 August 2010
Washington (August 18, 2010) For the past two hundred years, one food container has ruled the food packaging world and shows no signs of relinquishing its crown in the future. On August 25, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) invites Americans to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the food can by acknowledging its consistent relevance in...

Schools Catch the Recycling Spirit

Posted: 21 April 2010
Sustaining our environment requires a "can-do" attitude, as was demonstrated by schools participating in the 2009 Aluminum Can Council's (ACC) America Recycles Day (ARD) National School Challenge. During a 12-week period last fall, 133 schools, representing more than 70,000 students, joined with aluminum suppliers and beverage can manufacturers in...

Recycling In Action - Recycle Challenge Results

Posted: 11 March 2010
During a 12 week period, over 105 million beverage cans, or more than 3 million pounds of recycled cans, raised over $2.3 million for Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, local parks, other nonprofit groups, schools and recycling programs through the Aluminum Can Council's (ACC) America Recycles Day Challenge. The America...

CMI Announces New Recycling Logo

Posted: 15 December 2008
The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) today unveiled its new recycling logo and invited brand owners and retailers to use the symbol in order to increase recycling awareness among consumers. CMI members believe that the logo underscores the can industry's commitment to sustainability through its efforts to promote the many benefits of steel and...