CMI Announces New Recycling Logo

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) today unveiled its new recycling logo and invited brand owners and retailers to use the symbol in order to increase recycling awareness among consumers. CMI members believe that the logo underscores the can industry's commitment to sustainability through its efforts to promote the many benefits of steel and aluminum can recycling. 

Although the can has always enjoyed its premier status as an endlessly recyclable package, CMI believes that many consumers are unaware that metal cans can be recycled again and again, forever, without loss of strength of quality. Can recycling minimizes energy use, CO2 emissions, and decreases the need for virgin material. In fact, using recycled material in aluminum beverage cans uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than making cans from virgin materials, and steel recycling saves enough energy each year to electrically power almost 18 million households. Can recycling is quick and efficient, returning cans to store shelves in as little as 60 days. 

The new symbol is a way to reinforce the can recycling message and inform consumers about the can's recycling benefits, especially in light of consumer trends towards environmentally-friendly products and packages. Recent research indicates that, while consumers have maintained a demand for overall product affordability, convenience and safety, they are more than ever expressing preference for goods and services that will help minimize their own environmental impacts. 

John Hayes, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ball Corporation and CMI's Chairman, said, Cans offer many consumer benefits associated with long shelf life, ease of storage, and tamper-proof reassurance; and the recycling benefits offered by canned products satisfy consumer demand for planet-responsible packaging as well. This logo gives brand owners another way to communicate to consumers that by using and recycling cans, they can significantly reduce their own environmental footprints. 

Cans are among the most recycled packages in the U.S. At 65% steel cans boast the highest recycling rate of all food packages in the U.S., and the 53.8% recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans is higher than all other beverage containers in the country. Even though the recycling rates for cans are strong, can makers are committed to their continual increase. Higher recycling rates deliver the endlessly recyclable benefits for cans, reducing carbon emissions, virgin material use and energy expenditure. 

Robert Budway, President of CMI, said, CMI's members care deeply about sustainability. We hope that brand owners and retailers will use the new logo to inform consumers and consequently boost metal can recycling rates. Even though cans are already the most recycled containers in the U.S., we strive for even higher recycling rates. In addition to massive carbon emission reductions, Americans could save $3 billion worth of energy each year by recycling cans.

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