Economic Benefit

The aluminum and steel can industry is an American industry, providing jobs that fuel state and federal economies.

The manufacturing of metal cans…

Provides Well-Paying Jobs in the United States and Pays Significant Amounts in Tax to State and Federal Governments

  • Companies in the United States that manufacture metal cans employ as many as 19,517 people across the United States and generate an additional 113,113 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries. These include jobs in companies supplying goods and services to can manufacturers.26


  • These are good jobs, paying an average of $65,851 in wages and benefits. 26,27
  • Not only does the metal can industry create jobs, it also generates sizeable tax revenues. Nationally, the industry and its employees pay over $2.27 billion in federal taxes and $1.25 billion in state taxes. 26

Is an Important Part of the National Economy

  • In 2016, the metal can industry was responsible for as much as $45 billion in total economic activity throughout the country. 27

  • The broader economic impact flows throughout the economy, generating business for firms seemingly unrelated to cans. Real people, with real jobs, working in industries as varied as banking, retail, accounting, metalworking, and even printing all depend on the metal can industry for their livelihood.