Let’s Cook with Cans Get You Cooking®

Let’s Cook! With Cans Get You Cooking® is based on research and materials from the award-winning food can promotion campaign. The Cans Get You Cooking campaign is a multi-year, fully-integrated program that builds on the insights from comprehensive consumer research revealing consumers’ strong, positive associations with canned food. In this toolkit are numerous resources to help educate, inform and inspire families to make positive changes. There are also a number of resources and research for public health advocates. 






Can-prehensive Communications Calendar

Recipe Cards

10 Reasons Cans Get You Cooking

Lifecycle of a Pea (and other canned foods)

Canned Food Frequently Asked Questions


Sharable Infographics

Higher Intake

Canned Protein

Reduce Sodium

According to Moms

Food in Cans

Infinitely Recyclable

Food Waste



Consumers Perceptions and Consumption of Canned Protein Foods – Research Results

Quality Protein – It’s in the Can!

Canned Proteins: Convenient, Nutritious & Delicious

Nutritious, Affordable and Accessible Foods: It’s in the Can (A 7-Day Menu Model)

My Cantry® Inspired by MyPlate

The Proof is in the Pantry: Canned Foods are Associated with Healthier Eating Habits



Nutrition and Cost Comparisons of Select Canned, Frozen, and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Am J Lifestyle Med 2015)

Nutrition, Cost and Safety: The Case for Cans



The Role of Canned Produce in Increasing Children and Families’ Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables – Research Results

10 Tips for Healthy, Homemade Meals and Snacks



The True Cost of Food

Food Can Sustainability