History of the Can - Reference Materials

History of the Can: The Impact of the Can on Culture and Economics for More Than 200 Years (PDF)


Food Can History Resources

The Botulism Outbreak That Gave Rise to America’s Food Safety System (Smithsonian.org Article)

Canning Food: "Miracle of the Can" (Video)

Here's how war called for the invention of canning (We Are The Mighty) 

How Napoleon Influenced The Canned Food Industry (Tasting Table)  


Aluminum Can History Resources

Bill Coors Interview: In 2012, Robert Budway, CMI President interviewed Bill Coors, who is credited with pioneering the recyclable, two-piece aluminum beverage can. Watch this series to how the aluminum can came to be: Aluminum In Tin OutConsumers Choose AluminumAluminum Can is BornHow Jeffco (Ball Corporation) was StartedMarketing the Silver BulletThe Economics of CansWhy CansGraphics & CoatingsThe Economics of Cans, and Recycling. (Videos)

Happy 60th birthday to the aluminum beverage can (Blog Article)

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can (Video)

The Making of a Beer Can - Hops on Pointe (Video)

Uncanny: Why 10-ounce cans of Budweiser are popular in parts of Maryland (Interesting Article on History of the 10oz Aluminum Can)