Beverage Cans

When it comes to a superior beverage package, aluminum cans lead the way in the attributes that matter to consumers and brand owners – including taste, innovation, sustainability and performance.

Taste: Cans Protect Product Integrity

Aluminum cans preserve a beverage’s taste like no other container, delivering consistently fresh and satisfying flavor whenever you pop the top.

Innovation: Cans Enhance Brands

Catching the eye and creating a lasting impression among consumers, aluminum cans are the beverage container most likely to become a true brand icon.

Sustainability: Cans Are Better for the Planet

Not only are aluminum cans the single-most recycled beverage package in the United States, they are infinitely recyclable – no other container can say that.

Performance: Cans Are Better for the Bottom Line

No other container offers the performance and logistical advantages of aluminum cans – creating money-saving benefits across the supply chain.



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