Aluminum Beverage Cans Enhance Brands

A designer’s dream, aluminum beverage cans offer 360 degrees of branding real estate.

The result is a true brand icon that creates a lasting impression on consumers. Add to that new production features like resealability, temperature indicators and dynamic shapes, and you have the ultimate in beverage container innovation.

Aluminum cans highlight your brand’s unique appeal

  • Showcase your brand on a wrap-around canvas
  • Break norms with new shapes, new marketing opportunities
  • Improve functionality with resealability and temperature indicators
  • Allow for the most attractive and high-quality graphics 

Grab consumers’ attention with the can’s 360 degree branding canvas.

CMI 2016 Sensory Science and Packaging Trends Research Report

Open Up to Cans Research White Paper: Research confirms significant consumer preference for aluminum beverage containers. 

Innovative Brands Open Up

What do a sustainability-minded coffee entrepreneur and a creatively-inspired winemaker have in common?
A commitment to delivering the best product possible and a lot of passion behind why cans are their package of choice. Click on the links below to hear about them.


Case Studies

Fremont Brewing: "We Put Our Beer into Cans Because Cans Are Best"
Since its inception in 2009, Fremont Brewing - a family-owned craft brewery in Seattle, Washington - had designs on canning its beer. The brewery started canning in 2010 and in 2016 Fremont will can 8 million... READ MORE


Noah's Spring Water: Refreshing Beverages in Innovative Aluminum Packaging

Founded in 1933 in Modesto, California, Varni Brother Corporation was a franchise beverage bottler before adding canning to its repertoire in 1970. Decades later, they're still prioritizing the creative use of cans. In 2003... READ MORE

Sly Fox Brewing Company: "From a Branding Perspective, Cans are Superior"
Sly Fox Brewing Company started out as a family-owned brewpub in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, founded in 1995. Over the years, the establishment exposed many customers to craft beer for the first time... READ MORE