Powder (Cleansers)

Independent Can Company

Independent Can – Excellence in Can Manufacturing since 1929


We strive to be the best in every aspect of the business. We have brought, in-house, all of the major processes involved with can manufacturing and printing a specialty tin can from concept to completion. We wanted to control the timing and quality of every project. Since 1991, when we took the step of becoming our own printer, we have worked to minimize all outside obstacles to excellence.


CROWN Holdings, Inc.

Crown is proud to be the leader in metal packaging technology. With operations in 41 countries employing over 20,000 people and net sales of $7.9 billion, we provide global breadth as well as regional expertise. We're also proud of our World-Class Performance standards and the innovations provided to the industry from our technology centers.

All of these things add up to what we do best: helping companies build brands worldwide. Our commitment to helping launch successful new brands, invigorate existing brands, and drive business regionally and globally is our key to success.