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Knowledge is Power

The Can Manufacturers Institute collects and disseminates accurate, useful industry information and makes it available to members, the general public, the media and the financial community.  Click here for Statistics.  The latest Statistics are available to Members and by paid subscription. Promoting education regarding processes, issues and achievements is vital to the can industry’s economic welfare.

History of the Can: An Interactive Timeline

The history of the can is literally a history of western civilization and its innovation an engine of prosperity in the United States. Two centuries ago, the first cans were designed to sustain world powers in their quests around the globe. Today, can making is a major economic force with an annual domestic production of approximately 130.7 billion food, beverage, aerosol and general line cans that generates about $15.7 billion in direct economic activity and employs more than 28,000 people with plants in 33 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. 

How Cans Are Made

Videos, infographs and articles about how cans are made.

Can Shipment Statistics 

CMI offers a wealth of historical data regarding domestic can shipments. The Metal Can Shipments Report is compiled directly from information received from industry participants who comprise more than 98 percent of U.S. metal can manufacturing. The report includes detailed statistics, broken down by market, product, material used and technology.

Innovations in Food Cans

The top priority of food can makers and can lining companies is to provide safe, quality containers that protect freshness, taste and nutrition. The industry also recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment, listen to consumers and innovate.


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