Beverage Can Standards

202 Beverage Can and End Specifications

Curl Diameter2.340 ± .006
Curl Height*0.080 ± .005
Curl Opening Diameter2.270 Min.
Countersink Depth0.270 ± .005
Countersink Radius0.020 Ref.
Countersink Diameter1.913 Ref.
Chuck Wall Angle12° Ref.
Panel Height0.090 ± .005
End Flange Width0.215 Ref.
*BMC .083 Nominal

Body Outside Diameter*2.602 ± .007
Flange Radius0.050 Ref.
Flange Width0.082 ± .008
Flange Can Height4.812 ± .015
Flange Diameter2.255 Max.
Neck Plug Diameter2.063 ± .007
Neck Seaming Clearance0.120 Min.
Headspace0.470 ± .020
*ANC 2.600 Nominal

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