Aerosol & Other Non-Food Cans

General Packaging/Specialty Cans

With a vast variety of products using aerosol, paint, general line and specialty cans in the consumer products market, aluminum and steel packaging reigns as the premium choice.  Also referred to as General Packaging or Specialty Cans, this is the only category of cans that includes both food and nonfoods.

  • The lightweight nature of the packaging allows for a cost-effective and impact-resistant solution.
  • Prime marketing opportunity for a brand message on the smooth surface of the metal package.
  • Endless opportunities for innovative designs due to the flexible nature of steel and aluminum. Designers can continue to raise the bar on new product designs to differentiate their brand from the next.
  • Aerosol cans are 100% recyclable.
  • A reliable solution with steel preserving the product due to its rigidity.
  • Convenient spill-proof containers. 
A New Approach to Recycling More Aerosol Containers,” Spray Technology & Marketing, discusses the challenges in getting consumers and workers to recycle empty aerosol containers. 
Aerosol Fact Sheet (Consumer Aerosol Products Council)


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