Member Benefits

Advocacy. Information. Resources.    

Joining the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) is an indispensable investment in your company’s success. CMI is committed to fostering the prosperity of the industry and bringing value to its members in a cost-effective manner. You will enjoy a wide range of valuable benefits as a CMI member:

Proven advocacy and influence through effective representation in Congressional and Administrative policymaking on issues that impact or are important to the success of the can industry

Facilitation resources to aid in resolving industry, technical or regulatory challenges

Dynamic industry promotion through trade, local and national media and within state and local governments by publicizing can benefits and industry achievements

Opportunities to connect with other members at the CMI Annual Meeting

Access to essential news and information, including bi-weekly News Clips and Executive Briefings

Industry specific publications and resources, such as monthly and annual Can Shipment Reports, CMI Annual Reports and Member-Only Webinars

Reap the many rewards of the premier organization dedicated to strengthening the can industry.