Aluminum Beverage Can Sustainability Communications Toolkit

Welcome to CMI’s Aluminum Beverage Can Sustainability Communications Toolkit!

We hope the contents in this toolkit will make it easier for you to communicate to consumers about why aluminum beverage cans are a sustainable, circular package and why it is so important to recycle aluminum beverage cans.

The toolkit is broken down into several categories. Within each category, you will see key messages/talking points (with hyperlinks to the original source), as well as downloadable graphics.

These are here for you to use and download -- There is no need to ask CMI’s permission to use them. We would, however, appreciate seeing the final product.

The aluminum beverage can industry expects to have more cans recycled in the coming years as it executes on its roadmap to achieve its ambitious recycling rate targets. Those graphics are also included below. 

Please send messages regarding this toolkit and final products of how you used the information to CMI’s Vice President of Sustainability Scott Breen.









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