Stolle Machinery

Stolle is the world's leading supplier of two piece can and end-making machinery for the global canmaking industry. Our high speed machines can be found in can plants around the world performing the value-added functions of the canmaking process. In addition to supplying individual machines, we design, install and support complete can and end lines for beverage and food cans.

Roeslein & Associates

Roeslein & Associates, Inc. is a Premier Systems Integration Company Providing Total Project Implementation, Consulting, Engineering, Project Management, Construction Services and Fabrication.

For nearly two decades Roeslein & Associates, Inc., has set the global standard in the modularization, unitization, and pre-assembly of specialized plant facilities. As engineers, manufacturers, and constructors we offer our customers full concept-to-completion project solutions.

GCP Applied Technologies

As one of the world's leading specialty chemical and materials company, Grace is noted for innovative products and experienced people, our global reach and the total solutions and support services available to our customers. As a leader in rigid package sealing technologies, Grace container sealants are vital to the safety and sealing integrity of cans and bottles manufactured across the globe. DAREX® Sealants are applied to food and beverage cans, and closures for glass and plastic bottles and jars.