State Deposit Labeling Guide

Please see below for a guide on the state deposit labeling requirements.

CMI QUICK GUIDE - March 2013


(metal can
CaliforniaCarbonated & noncarbonated: beer, malt, wine & distilled spirits coolers, all non-alcoholic beverages EXCEPT milk5 cents  3/16"Yes
Connecticut  Carbonated Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, and bottled water; Wine and spirits not covered5 centsNot specifiedYes
Delaware NANo metal cans REPLACED 2010 with Universal Recycling Law  NA
Carbonated & noncarbonated: All nonalcoholic beverages, beer, ale, malt beverages, mixed spirits, mixed wine. Excludes milk, supplements, and medicines5 centsNot specifiedNA
HawaiiCarbonated & noncarbonated all nonalcoholic drinks, EXCEPT milk or dairy products; limited alcoholic drinks (beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits, mixed wine).5 cents1/8"No
Iowa  Carbonated Beer, carbonated soft drinks & mineral water, wine coolers, wine & liquor5 cents1/8"Yes
Mass  Carbonated Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, & mineral water; EXEMPT: dairy, 100% juice, wine and spirits5 cents1/8"No
MaineCarbonated & noncarbonated All beverages; EXEMPT: dairy products and unprocessed ciderWine and liquor:
15 cents;
All others: 5 cents
Michigan  Carbonated Beer, soft drinks, carbonated & mineral water, wine coolers, canned cocktails10 centsNot specifiedNo
New YorkCarbonated Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, water, wine coolers5 cents1/8"Yes
OregonCarbonated Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, & bottled water; EXEMPT: wine, liquor, dairy5 centsNot specifiedNo
VermontCarbonated Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, mixed wine drinks; liquor5 cents1/8"Yes
West Virginia Soft Drink Excise Tax Label*
1 ¢ for each container size
less than ½ liter
Outline of WV;
¼" type on top end



*For "not specified" state type size requirements, 1/8" is the common size used in these states, though Michigan labels tend to be smaller. Whatever size, all labels must be legible.

* California: "CA CRV" (CA container refund value) – is the CMI preferred label, added to list of can-end redemption messages in 2004

* Guam: PENDING - to be implemented 6 months after an agreement of support by the military is signed.

* West Virginia is NOT a deposit state; however, it is the only state in the nation to require labeling of soft drink containers sold there to affix a special tax stamp--an outline of the state of West Virginia-- incised on the top end of the container. The overall dimensions of the outline map shall be not less than 1/4 of an inch, nor more than 5/16 inch. Noncarbonated drinks are also included in the tax program, but labeling is not required for those containers.

An alternative design may be used meeting the following specifications: The letters "WV" followed by the appropriate numerical denomination representing the soft drink tax payable with respect to the original containers or bottles in which any soft drink is placed. These letters and numerical denominations shall measure not less than one-eighth (1/8) of an inch in height and shall be applied by ink jet technology with a system approved in writing by the State Tax Commissioner.

Oklahoma: State Tax Commission requires the OK+ label for all beer containers which contain an alcoholic content greater than 3.2%. (In turn, those containers pay a higher tax than other beer containers with lower alcoholic content (generally light beers).