State and Local Legislation and Regulation

As the national trade association of metal can manufacturers and their suppliers, CMI plays a vital role as the primary representative of the industry before every branch of government operating within each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. CMI, at the direction of the CMI Legislative Committee and the Science, Technology & Regulatory Affairs Committee, arranges for local representation on behalf of the can manufacturing industry with respect to state legislative and regulatory issues of concern. Additionally, CMI has established a proactive grassroots program aimed at heightening the awareness of the can manufacturing industry.

In the past 20 years, the packaging industry has faced diverse and onerous legislation, ostensibly developed to address the reduction of the contribution of packaging to the solid waste stream. Although all beverage containers represent less than three percent of the total solid waste stream, most of the legislative solutions to reducing the generation of solid waste have come in the form of restrictive packaging measures and forced deposit laws. These threats have been most prevalent on the state and local levels. In order to address these threats in a timely, efficient and successful manner, CMI has developed an intricate network of industry connections through which it acts to coordinate efforts aimed at monitoring and reacting to potentially harmful state and local legislation. Not only does CMI monitor emerging legislation and regulatory activities, but CMI also maintains a proactive posture with respect to several state legislative issues of primary concern and arranges for local representation in states on an as-needed basis.

Through its efforts, CMI has been an effective advocate of the industry and has played an instrumental role in protecting the can industry from harmful legislation and regulations that could have deleterious effects on both the market share and sales of cans. CMI members are committed to providing safe, nutritious and refreshing canned food and beverages to consumers.