Federal Legislation and Regulation

As the Washington-based trade association of metal and composite can manufacturers and their suppliers, CMI plays a vital role as the primary representative of the industry before every branch of the federal government. CMI, at the direction of the CMI Legislative Committee, actively lobbies Members of Congress on behalf of the can manufacturing industry with respect to federal legislative issues of concern. The CMI Science, Technology & Regulatory Affairs Committee also represents the can industry before federal agencies and presents a unified industry voice when seeking administrative relief on behalf of its members' common interests.

Although the can manufacturing industry has rarely been the direct target of negative federal legislation, collateral effects of omnibus legislation often do occur. In order to mitigate the ramifications of federal legislation or regulations that harm the can manufacturing industry, its suppliers or its customers, CMI maintains an active federal government relations agenda. Not only does CMI monitor emerging legislation and regulatory agency activities, CMI maintains a proactive posture with respect to several legislative and regulatory issues of primary concern.

Renewed focus has been placed on environmental, health and safety legislation given recent changes to the political landscape. Overregulation in the area of EHS protection poses the greatest risk to industry and consequently, commands the greatest attention. Recent efforts to strip away unnecessary regulations, the compliance with which costs industry and ultimately consumers millions of dollars, have been thwarted by partisan politicking. As a result of the careless drafting of laws based on unsound scientific data, the can manufacturing industry has been facing expensive engineering controls.

The can manufacturing industry is proud of its environmental, health and safety achievements and is dedicated to defending and protecting all aspects of the environment. To this end, the industry has worked closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that the industry's production processes are not in violation of federal law and to incorporate the best technology to ensure the safety of our air, land and water. Additionally, CMI works as an industry liaison with the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Labor, Food and Drug Administration and each of the other federal and state agencies, communicating the interests and positions of the can manufacturing industry. Through its efforts, CMI has been an effective advocate of the industry and has played an instrumental role in protecting the can industry from harmful legislation and regulation that could have had deleterious effects on both the market share and sales of cans.

CMI members are committed to providing safe, nutritious and refreshing canned food and beverages to consumers.
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