Northern Neck Montessori School Wins the School Recycling Challenge

Participants Recycle Over Three Million Cans

WASHINGTON, DC—May 23, 2017—Northern Neck Montessori School, Kilmarnock, Virginia is the National Champion of the Great American Can Roundup’s (GACR) School Recycling Challenge. The students collected and recycled an average of 137 pounds of aluminum beverage cans each to become this year’s Grand Champion. Collectively, schools from 40 states recycled over three million aluminum beverage cans.  

Sponsored by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), schools from across the country collected aluminum cans from November 15, 2016 (America Recycles Day) through April 22, 2017 (Earth Day) for the 2016-2017 School Recycling Challenge. The top recycling school received $5,000 and the top recycler in each state received $1,000. More than 39,000 students participated from 24 competing schools that collected 1,000 pounds or more of aluminum beverage cans.

"An aluminum can discarded into a landfill will still be an aluminum can in five years and 500 years, providing no benefit to anyone and burdening our Earth for the resources and energy to replace it," said Beth Rohne, dean of administration for the Northern Neck Montessori School. Suzanne Moughon, dean of curriculum added, "Many of the cans collected in our GACR effort have already been recycled into cans on grocery shelves today.  The infinite recyclability of aluminum illustrates the endless responsibility we have to be good stewards of our planet; becoming global citizens who respect all living things and their environment is a key goal in our Montessori educational work.  Getting children involved in this work--by collecting, packing, crushing and delivering cans, and, just as importantly, talking about recycling to their family, friends and neighbors--shows them that anyone and everyone, even the youngest among us, can make a difference in their community."

CMI created the GACR to build awareness about the environmental benefits of recycling cans. In addition to the prize money, schools earned more than $44,000 by redeeming their aluminum beverage cans to put towards school activities, local charities, special causes and community outreaches of their choice.

“Congratulations to all of the students who have participated in this year’s GACR School Challenge,” said CMI President Robert Budway. “The impact in educating our younger generations on the benefits of aluminum can recycling is evident by these inspiring environmental leaders from communities across the United States. Beverage cans are a unique package in that they are infinitely recyclable and allow the opportunity to conserve resources. Aluminum is a permanent material that can be utilized over and over again through recycling.”

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2016- 2017 Great American Can Roundup School Winners by State


National Winner: Virginia - Northern Neck Montessori School (137.38lbs. per student)

 Alabama - Holy Family Regional School (5.23lbs. per student) 

Arkansas - Quest West (0.58lbs. per student) 

Arizona - Sonoran Science Academy (14.79lbs. per student) 

California - Believe Manteca (9.69lbs. per student) 

Colorado - Flagstaff Academy Charter School (3.32lbs. per student) 

Florida - Norcrest Elementary (0.36lbs. per student) 

Georgia - Midway Middle School (4.20lbs. per student) 

Hawaii - Hanalei Elementary (3.59lbs. per student) 

Idaho - Skyway Elementary (1.12lbs. per student) 

Illinois - Kidz Korner (18.08lbs. per student) 

Indiana - Forest Ridge Academy (2.27lbs. per student) 

Kansas - Newton Bible Christian School (6.79lbs. per student) 

Kentucky - Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School (5.74lbs. per student) 

Louisiana - Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (4.72lbs. per student) 

Massachusetts - Lynch Elementary School (0.86lbs. per student) 

Maryland - Crellin Elementary School (8.08lbs. per student) 

Michigan - Pentwater Public Schools (0.02lbs. per student) 

Minnesota - St. John's St. Andrew's School (40.50lbs. per student) 

Missouri - St. George Catholic School (18.13lbs. per student) 

Montana - Fortine School (15.53lbs. per student) 

North Carolina - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School (3.45lbs. per student) 

North Dakota - Kulm Elementary School (6.91lbs. per student) 

Nebraska - Christ Lutheran School (82.92lbs. per student) 

New Hampshire - Epsom Central School (3.12lbs. per student) 

New Jersey - Weymouth Township School (0.66lbs. per student) 

New Mexico - Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School (4.89lbs. per student) 

New York - St. Amelia School (1.68lbs. per student) 

Ohio - St. Mikes (9.91lbs. per student) 

Oklahoma - Perkins-Tryon Intermediate School (3.85lbs. per student) 

Pennsylvania - Central High School (1.39lbs. per student) 

South Carolina - Taylors Elementary (0.08lbs. per student) 

Tennessee - Sacred Heart School (32.47lbs. per student) 

Texas - Fulton 4-5 Learning Center (11.53lbs. per student) 

Utah - LaVerkin Elementary (0.36lbs. per student) 

Virginia - Northern Neck Montessori School (137.38lbs. per student) 

Vermont - Champlain Elementary (0.02lbs. per student) 

Washington - Lynden Christian School (5.12lbs. per student) 

Wisconsin - St. Paul Lutheran School (15.06lbs. per student)

West Virginia - Sherrard Middle School (0.06lbs. per student) 

Wyoming - Valley Elementary School (35.00lbs. per student) 

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