Ardagh Group

Ardagh is at the forefront of metal packaging production, with 17 production facilities across North America, Canada and Brazil. We produce metal packaging for all market sectors, including beverage, food, pet food and seafood. We offer the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs in areas such as down-gauging, shaping, decoration and convenience features.

CROWN Holdings, Inc.

Crown is proud to be the leader in metal packaging technology. With operations in 41 countries employing over 20,000 people and net sales of $7.9 billion, we provide global breadth as well as regional expertise. We're also proud of our World-Class Performance standards and the innovations provided to the industry from our technology centers.

All of these things add up to what we do best: helping companies build brands worldwide. Our commitment to helping launch successful new brands, invigorate existing brands, and drive business regionally and globally is our key to success.

Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation has grown from a small producer of wooden-jacketed tin cans at its founding in 1880 to an international packaging and aerospace company. Ball is the largest maker of recyclable aluminum beverage cans in North America and one of the larger beverage and food can and PET bottle companies in the world. The company also operates Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., which provides cutting edge scientific products and services to commercial and government customers.