The Shape Of Things To Come

The Shape of Things to Come

In addition to their superior sustainability, cans provide a unique means for manufacturers to give their brands an edge. Distinguishing beverage can characteristics such as shaping, printing and specialized technologies successfully draw consumer attention. These creative marketing tools are becoming more commonplace as companies seek new ways to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Today, more than 600 can shapes, sizes and styles of cans are being manufactured. A Dutch beer in a can shaped like a keg has become an industry icon. Wine is now available in a bottle-shaped can. The aluminum can has also grown well beyond its traditional 12-ounce format, now running the size gamut from small and streamlined to big and hefty in order to meet specific consumer preferences. Cans of a well known Irish beer contain a mechanism that releases carbon dioxide through the beer, creating a thick, creamy head as authentic as a slow pour from the draught in a pub in Ireland.


No longer simply used for carbonated soft drinks or beer, cans are blazing new trails into other beverage arenas. They are now being used for energy drinks, coffee and even wine. Cans are also uniquely suited to house dairy beverages and health-boosting nutraceuticals.

From brand-building enhancements to packaging innovation and ecology, the consumer love affair with beverage cans continues to grow and evolve.